"Face of Change" is a painting to reflect all humans during this time of great change. I used every color to create the piece to reflect how we are all made up of every color, we are all equal.

Stand Back! THIS IS 10 FOOT ART!

Some artwork is meant to be viewed up close so you can see the small details which complete the painting. However, my art is best viewed when you step back from it. Interestingly, many of the details show up the farther away you get. Stepping back allows you to see things that aren’t there otherwise. You can notice balance and repetition, the bold strokes and the small ones, and in some cases, you can even see imagery and subject matter.

When you do step closer and look at one of my works you will see layers of paint and textures which are sure to intrigue you. Spend a some time enjoying the little vignettes of interest: the way the paint overlaps, or blends, or even the way it shudders as it crosses another layer, the way the complimentary colors vibrate and even the occasional screen or paper scrap left in the work to add interest.

There is much to see and enjoy, either near or far.

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