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Kristy Chettle




"Eve", a striking 73" x 41" oil on wood by Kristy Chettle, presents a bold abstract figurative journey into the essence of femininity and origin. Chettle's palette is rich with deep nocturnal blues and earthy yellows, suggesting the duality of night and day, shadow and light. Swirls of golden hues seem to animate the figure, hinting at the life force and creative power traditionally associated with the figure of Eve. The artwork's vertical orientation and the contrast of dark and light colors convey a sense of emergence and depth as if the subject is both revealed and concealed within the same breath. This piece is not just a visual experience but an emotional dialogue, offering a contemporary interpretation of the timeless narrative of beginnings, temptations, and the intrinsic connection to nature.

Title: Eve

Medium:  Oil on Reclaimed Wood

Size: 73 x 41 Inches

NOTES: Exclusively available at:
American Art Gallery, Carmel-by-the-Sea

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