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Kristy Chettle




Title: Currents

Medium: Oil on Reclaimed Wood

Size: 10" x 10"

Notes: Part of a series of smaller works created in more of an impromptu impressionistic style. This series is an ongoing study of nature from many walks and hikes all around the Monterey Peninsula and is an effort to express the happy and peaceful feelings when I'm there. Each of the pieces are painted with my hands on recycled fence boards using non-toxic oils.

About this Piece: Swirling and moving, currents are all around the coast and valleys of California. Rivers ebb and flow among the canyons as they work their way to the coast. Winds blow here and there delivering breezes that move gentle whispers of life. Waves crash on shore whirling through tide pools and splashing over cracks and crevices on their way back out to sea. Inspired by the unique swirling and knotted wood-grain, this piece captures a moment of those currents, almost combining them, reflecting the constant change and movement in nature.

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