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Kristy Chettle

Love, Monterey (Triptych)

Love, Monterey (Triptych)


In this 12" x 36" abstract expressionist triptych, artist Kristy Chettle captures the vibrant essence of Monterey Bay's varied landscapes. The panels are a symphony of color, with cerulean and sapphire blues that speak to the depths of the Pacific, fiery oranges and reds reflecting the dynamic sunsets, and dark earth tones grounding the work in the natural world. This triptych feels like a dance of light and color, offering a fragmented yet fluid representation of the bay's natural beauty. The energetic application of paint and the bold, contrasting colors create a sense of movement as if the viewer is traveling through the bay's coastal scenes, from the sun-kissed beaches to the shadowy undersea. Each panel stands alone as a powerful expression of place, yet together they form a cohesive ode to the bay's enduring allure. All pieces are framed with simple black wood frame, made by the artist.

Title: Love, Monterey (Triptych)

Individual Titles: (Left to Right) Marina, Red Tide, White Mountain

Medium: Oil on Wood Panels (Triptych)

Size: 12" x 12" ea; 12 x 36" set

NOTES: Exclusively available at:
American Art Gallery, Carmel-by-the-Sea

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