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Kristy Chettle

Redwood Grove

Redwood Grove


Title: Redwood Grove

Medium: Oil on Reclaimed Wood

Size: 10" x 10"

Notes: Part of a series of smaller works created in more of an impromptu impressionistic style. This series is an ongoing study of nature from many walks and hikes all around the Monterey Peninsula and is an effort to express the happy and peaceful feelings when I'm there. Each of the pieces are painted with my hands on recycled fence boards using non-toxic oils.

About this Piece: California is blessed to be home to giant magnificent redwood trees. Looking up at them you can feel their power. Touching them you can connect with their community–the forest, the fellow trees, the fairy rings of young redwoods. They are communal and protective. Here strokes of red create the trunks of the grove and rise powerfully creating a strong composition which is enhanced by the motion in the grain of the canvas. This work is an ode to those solicitous beings.

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