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Kristy Chettle

Gentle Giant Oak

Gentle Giant Oak


Title: Gentle Giant Oak

Medium: Oil on Reclaimed Wood

Size: 10" x 10"

Notes: Part of a series of smaller works created in more of an impromptu impressionistic style. This series is an ongoing study of nature from many walks and hikes all around the Monterey Peninsula and is an effort to express the happy and peaceful feelings when I'm there. Each of the pieces are painted with my hands on recycled fence boards using non-toxic oils.

About this Piece:  There is a majestic old grove at Palo Carona where gentle giant oaks shade the ground and provide protection to the many critters who live there. These ancient oaks are strong and thick and wise. Their subtle grayish white bark reflects years of growth, cracked and wrinkled. I feel grounded and safe and peaceful no matter what is happening beyond. this work is a reflection of that feeling, as if it was a daydream.

Using a play of bold and soft strokes combined with the very tactile grain, I enhanced the naturally occurring knot as part of the subject.

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