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Kristy Chettle

The Blue Vase

The Blue Vase


Title: The Blue Vase

Medium:  Oil on Reclaimed Wood

Size: 43 x 59 Inches

About the Piece: The artwork "Blue Vase" by Kristy Chettle is a captivating contemporary still-life that vividly captures the essence of everyday tranquility and the beauty of the mundane. This 41.5" x 45.5" oil painting on reclaimed wood is rich in texture and depth, with Chettle's masterful use of colors and brushstrokes bringing a dynamic energy to a traditionally serene subject. The wood's natural grain adds an organic backdrop to the painting's composition, enhancing the interplay of light and shadow. The central subject, the blue vase, serves as a visual anchor amidst a riot of warm and cool hues, creating a harmonious contrast that draws the eye. This piece, infused with a sense of peaceful introspection, reflects the artist's skill in transforming a simple scene into a contemplative experience, inviting viewers to pause and reflect on the beauty in simplicity.

Available at American Art Gallery

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