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Kristy Chettle




Title: Morning

Medium:  Oil on Reclaimed Wood

Size: 72 x 39 Inches

"Morning" is a captivating 39" x 72" oil on wood creation by artist Kristy Chettle, embodying the abstract figurative realm with a masterful interplay of color and form. Through the deft use of a rich palette—dominant in celestial blues and vibrant sunrise oranges—Chettle evokes the serene yet potent energy of the morning. The wood's natural texture integrates seamlessly with the sweeping brushstrokes, creating a dynamic surface that invites the viewer to a moment of introspection. The piece resonates with the promise of a new day, the orange hues symbolizing the first light piercing through the nocturnal veil. This artwork is a poignant reminder of nature's cyclical rebirth, offering a sense of renewal and hope. The strategic placement of colors and the raw, textured woodwork result in a visually stimulating experience that captures the ephemeral beauty of dawn's first light. 

NOTES: Exclusively available at:
American Art Gallery 

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