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Kristy Chettle

View from the Bridge

View from the Bridge


Title: View from the Bridge

Medium: Oil on Reclaimed Wood

Size: 10" x 10"

Notes: Part of a series of smaller works created in more of an impromptu impressionistic style. This series is an ongoing study of nature from many walks and hikes all around the Monterey Peninsula and is an effort to express the happy and peaceful feelings when I'm there. Each of the pieces are painted with my hands on recycled fence boards using non-toxic oils.

About this Piece: There are only a few public bridges that cross over Carmel Valley River, each one is unique in its location and surrounding habitats. Yet when you stand on any of them and look upstream, you can feel the movement of the river below coming toward you moving life and debris in its course. Considering the motion of the wood grain, I used raw strokes to create the trees and bramble that line the shore on each side as the river flows in ripples toward the viewer with the rising sun beyond.

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